Functional Training

Functional Training involves functional movements that incorporate more than one muscle at a time or even the entire body. Traditional weight training targets individual muscles and isolates their movement from the rest of the body which in turn is meant to strengthen and enlarge those muscles. However, for an athlete or a person that wants to function more efficiently in life, performing functional training movements that mimic real movement patterns performed on the field or in real life can be more beneficial to certain people. Functional training equipment will help enhance these movements leading to quicker and more long lasting results.

Resistance Band Training for functional fitness - Resistance bands are safe and easy to use. They come in a variety of resistance levels and can be used to perform many different exercises such as wood choppers and squat to shoulder press. They can also be anchored to a Hammerhead Anchor Gym which is helpful in creating different anchoring heights during different movements. If you travel, consider an all-in-one functional training kit, such as the Move! Exercise Kit, that includes resistance bands, a foam roller and foam balance pad that can be used separately or altogether for greater functional training ability.

Suspension training on a CrossCore180 - You’d be hard pressed to find a piece of fitness equipment so functional and able to incorporate so many other types of training devices. The CrossCore180 offers the best of both worlds in that the user can isolate most muscles just as if they were lifting weights or they can perform some of the most dynamic movements such as a full rotational chest press, V-up for the abs and a reverse “Signature Move” which incorporates the arms, back, shoulders and core all at the same time. Other accessories can be incorporated into your CrossCore180 workout for additional fun and challenge such as a BOSU, medicine ball and even a Bodyblade.

Functional Trainer weight stack machines - These are weight stack machines built from heavy gauge tubing that feature one or two handles that are adjustable in height with resistance provided by either one or two weight stacks. A simple one-stack Single Hi-Low Pulley Machine, such as the Legend Fitness 951, features a fixed handle at the top and bottom allowing the user to quickly change from upper body to lower body exercises when needed. The PPMS-245 Proformance Plus Functional Trainer by Tuff Stuff features extension arms that adjust vertically and horizontally to accommodate any exercise with or without a weight bench. Walk-in design provides an open space to allow for benches and stability balls to be used and is also wheelchair accessible.

Need help deciding which type of Functional Training Equipment is best for your location or fitness goal? Let an fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527.

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Crossfire Octagon w/ Heavy Bag Option
Crossfire Conquest w/ High/Low Pulley, 400lb wt stack/100lbs Resistance, Cable Belt and Single Handle -- Bomb Proof (300701W)
Your Price: $9,435.00
Crossfire Conquest w/ High/Low Pulley, 400lb wt stack/100lbs Resistance, Cable Belt and Single Handle -- Bomb Proof (300701W)
Weight Plates, Bars, Collars, Heavy Bag, Bench, Medicine Balls and Kettlebells NOT included
X-Lab 5 Functional System Fully Loaded
X-Lab 5 Functional System Fully Loaded -- Torque Fitness (XLAB5FL)
Your Price: $9,445.00
X-Lab 5 Functional System Fully Loaded -- Torque Fitness (XLAB5FL)
Heavy Bag, Resistance Tubes, Rotational Bodyweight Trainer™, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Exercise Balls, Olympic Bar, Heavy Rope, and Suspension Rings NOT Included
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