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General Leathercraft Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in Sidney, Nebraska in 1974 as the manufacturer of Pioneer Fitness Products, a line of top quality leather weightlifting belts and accessories. General Leathercraft Manufacturing Inc. is proud to only sell items that are 100% American made. All their leather products including weightlifting belts, dip belts, head gear, tricep straps, cross-training grips, and ankle straps are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE.

All our leather fitness products are made from the highest quality portion of the hide. Sole leather bends are used for a variety of products including high end leather boots, full tang knife handles, and heavy duty tack. This leather is so durable that we offer a lifetime guarantee against any defects that may arise. Our leather does not "pull through" prong holes like some of the cheaper brands out there, so our customers can rest assured that their belts will not fail during heavy lifts. Once the leather is cut from the bend, it is run through a splitter to ensure the desired thickness. After the thickness is met, we either attach suede using commercial grade glue along with a heavy poly thread, or we treat the leather with our special made proprietary blend oil. The treatment process sets our belts apart from any other belt maker in the industry. This eliminates break-in time while resisting dirt and sweat. We finish our products off with American made nickel plated rivets and buckles. All of our products are handmade in our Texas factory. After 30+ years in the business, we are confident that our products are among the best.

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USA Made Leather Ankle Strap Cable Attachment
Leather Ankle Strap -- Ironcompany (LLS-LLSE)
Your Price: $45.00
Leather Ankle Strap -- Ironcompany (LLS-LLSE)
Available individually or as a pair
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