Gripforce foam fat grips for fat barbell training

Grip4orce Fat Foam Grips for Fat Bar Training with Dumbbells and Barbells - Grip4orce is the inventor of the #1 Patented performance enhancing fat grips for all athletes in all sports. The truth is, whether you’re an athlete or someone trying to improve their fitness level, we all benefit from a stronger grip in sport and life. The new Grip4orce trainer bar grips attach quickly to barbells, dumbbells and cable attachments which increases the gripping diameter to 2”. This bigger diameter more evenly distributes the weight in the hands eliminating any uncomfortable pinch points. One of the unique features of this hand strengthening equipment is that they force you to squeeze the grip closed as you exercise. In time, this constant squeezing of a much bigger diameter bar will beef up your forearms and give you crushing grip strength, not to mention better sustained strength for sports like wrestling and MMA. Grip4orce bar grips are quality made right here in the USA.

Sports teams that have discovered the benefits of training their athletes using bigger diameter grips are the LSU Tigers, USC Trojans, Texas A & M and ASU.

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Gripforce Trainer Bar Grips
Gripforce Trainer Bar Grips (Pair) -- Grip4orce (GRIP4ORCE)
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Gripforce Trainer Bar Grips (Pair) -- Grip4orce (GRIP4ORCE)
Available in Black or Red
Dumbbells and Bar NOT Included