Rubber Gym Mats

Rubber Gym Mats are designed to create a protective barrier between floors and various types of equipment such as cardio equipment and free weight equipment. There are many sizes, thicknesses and materials used for gym equipment mats and understanding which specs best suit your particular needs is essential in making the right investment the first time.

Cardio Equipment Mats can range in size from 3’ x 4’ to 3’ x 8’. The length and width depends on what type of equipment you will be placing on top of them. Spinner® bikes or other types of exercise bikes will require a smaller mat than an elliptical trainer or treadmill. Cardio mats are made from oil and fluid resistant materials including vinyl, plastic and rubber. Use to protect wood, tile and carpeted floors.

Rubber Gym Equipment Mats are built to be shock absorbent to protect floors underneath from the impact of heavy barbells and dumbbells. This type of weight room flooring is economical and easy to install. Mat thicknesses range from 3/8” to ¾” with ¾” being the best selection for deadlifting and other Olympic type lifts in commercial gyms. Materials used include recycled rubber, vulcanized rubber and virgin rubber. Diamond plate virgin rubber gym mats are offered in 4’ x 4’ tiles with colors including black, gray, blue, red and many others. Virgin rubber is the smoothest of all three materials and is very easy to clean. It also has a high tensile strength that keeps it from tearing or cold flowing under repetitive weight drops. Recycled crumb rubber mats are the most affordable of the three materials. The 4’ x 8’ x ¾” size is commonly used as deadlifting mats due to their thickness and impact resistant benefits. For customers that will be installing multiple recycled rubber mats in their garage gym or commercial gym, make sure to ask if the mats are “trued” to make sure there will be no gaps when installation is complete. And finally, there are vulcanized weight lifting mats that are as strong and tear resistant as virgin rubber but with a much lower cost. They also make great horse stall mats for barns and horse trailers.

Need help selecting the right Rubber Gym Mats for your location or budget? Call an flooring expert today at 1-888-758-7527.

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rubber equipment mat
Remnant Fitness Equipment Mat On Sale - 4' x 12' x 1/4" – Assorted Colors -- Ironcompany (MAT-4 x 12 x 1-4-1)
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Remnant Fitness Equipment Mat On Sale - 4' x 12' x 1/4" – Assorted Colors -- Ironcompany (MAT-4 x 12 x 1-4-1)
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