Using a heart rate monitor

Heart Rate Monitor Your target heart rate is dependent upon your age. Generally it ranges between 98 and 169 for ages 20 to 80. You will need to consult a physician to find the ideal target for you. Once you know what it is, you'll need to purchase a device for tracking it. That is, if you don't want to try the old fashion way of placing your index and middle finger on your wrist and doing all of the calculations in your head. This can become very inconvenient during a long run on the treadmill. It's now made easier than ever with convenient, heart rate monitors. We have several versions available with many features. Take a look at the Ekho FIT-28 Heart Rate Monitor, which is a convenient heart rate monitor that is portable and has many features including current heart rate and average heart rate.

Optimizing your cardio workout

Boxing Equipment Because it's so important to perform cardio exercise throughout the week as often as possible, you're going to need quality cardio equipment that will last and provide you with full-body workout.

Our boxing equipment is one way to get a full-body, intense workout. We have TKO heavy bags in various weights. All of our boxing equipment is built tough and ships quickly. We even offer a few boxing equipment sets that include items like gloves and floor-ceiling attachments.

If you're looking for cardio exercise with lower impact, a treadmill may be more appropriate for your needs. We offer top quality treadmills at great prices. Simply browse through our large selection. And don't forget to browse our entire online store to find a product that will get you to your target heart rate!