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This is a true story regarding a "fight" between a weight bench and a mischievous lab puppy owned by an ironcompany employee --- The puppy won

Long gone are the days where the term “Home Gym” simply referred to a bench press that adjusted to some degree of incline if you were lucky and a vinyl barbell set. Although these home gyms were a far cry from what is available to the consumer today, they provided an early foundation for many a teenage boy to go out and conquer the world of professional sports and weightlifting. Today’s home gym selections still do include the compact bench presses and barbell sets of years gone by, but now they go far beyond that with the advancement of steel tubing fabrication, aircraft quality cables driven by elaborate pulley systems with various weight ratios, upgraded bushings and bearings, etc. Home gym training has also changed. Instead of purchasing a single home gym machine customers are opting to incorporate other exercise accessories into their workout such as plyo boxes, heavy ropes, slammer balls and many other things which create an opportunity for circuit training and to achieve cardiovascular benefits, as well.

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Liberator Multi-Gym -- Inflight (6070)
Your Price: $6,695.00
Liberator Multi-Gym -- Inflight (6070)
Shroud upgrade, 4th Stack Leg Press, and 4th Stack Cable Column are optional
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