Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic Gym Equipment offers many benefits to the user that can’t be duplicated with weight stack or plate loaded machines. One advantage is that the hydraulic cylinders provide bi-directional resistance which creates a push/pull effect thus allowing more muscles to be used when performing an exercise. Because of this you will find a lot of hydraulic fitness equipment pieces offered as a “combo” machine, such as a chest press/back row. Not only is this beneficial to the user, but dual purpose hydraulic resistance machines require less floor space than single use machines which allows more room for other equipment such as cardio or functional training pieces. Schools enjoy the safety benefits that hydraulic circuit training provides for young students. Resistance levels are based on the force and speed in which the movement is performed. The faster each exercise is performed, the higher the resistance. Hydraulics provide a non-weight bearing form of resistance which is extremely safe and does not put the user in danger of heavy weights falling on them at failure.

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