Inversion / Vibration

Inversion Products and Vibration Trainers are tools that are commonly used in homes and studios to accomplish different rehabilitation or fitness goals.

Inversion Products, such as inversion tables or gravity tables, work to relieve pressure and pain to the spinal column and disks caused by gravity and misaligned vertebrae. Using a gravity table can help relieve this pressure and pain for most users.

Vibration Trainers are thought to be beneficial in increasing bone density and circulation. Vibration plate exercise possibilities include push-ups, squats and lunges. Vibration training can also be utilized while performing weight bearing exercises with hand weights or weighted exercise balls.

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Inversion Products
Inversion Products including Gravity Boots, Inversion Tables, Gravity Tables and Back Stretchers
Vibration Exercisers
Whole Body Vibration Trainer for Home, Studio and Club