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Inversion Tables and Accessories are used to help relieve back pain by relaxing the muscles, rehydrating the disks and realigning the spine through a progressive form of traction. Inversion therapy can be traced as far back as 3000 BC when Yogis preached the value of inverted poses to re-balance the body, help increase circulation, stimulate the brain, enhance glandular system function and relieve pressure on the abdominal organs. Today the benefits of inversion training are appreciated all over the world. In fact, after several years of evaluation, the US Army Physical Fitness School has now incorporate inversion therapy into its world-wide physical training doctrine.

What are the benefits of using an Inversion Table? By relieving pressure on the disks by creating more space between the vertebrae during inversion, the discs can essentially “rehydrate” themselves by allowing absorption of moisture into the soft tissue of the discs and plumping them up for better shock absorption and flexibility. By increasing the space between the vertebrae and plumping up the disks, the passageways which allow the nerve roots to exit the spinal column are increased therefore leaving more room for the nerve and relieving the pressure which causes the pain. Another benefit is the ability to realign the spine. Misalignments can be caused by sitting at a computer for prolonged periods of time, carrying heavy objects and even wearing high heels. When inverted to 60 degrees the pressure on the spine drops to zero, which when combined with light stretching, allows the vertebrae to move back into alignment

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Teeter EP-560 Sport Inversion Table
EP-560 Sport Inversion Table -- Teeter (EP-560-SPORT)
List Price: $599.00
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You Save: $154.00 (26 %)
EP-560 Sport Inversion Table -- Teeter (EP-560-SPORT)
Includes EZ-Up Gravity Boots and EZ-Stretch Traction Handles
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