Custom Dumbbell, Barbell and Olympic Plate Logos

Call or email us if you are interested in custom logos for your American Made urethane encased Olympic weight plates, solid steel dumbbells or solid steel barbells. We offer great prices on Iron Grip and Ivanko dumbbells, barbells and plates.

Available on Iron Grip and Ivanko Olympic plates (45, 35 and 25 lb. sizes), Urethane dumbbells and Urethane fixed barbells, the customization process begins by scanning your logo into a computer, where it is refined with a sophisticated CAD program. A computer-controlled engraver then reproduces the custom logo on the outer surface of the plate or dumbbell. The engraved logo is then filled with a specialized liquid Urethane and heated to bond permanently to the engraved surface.

custom logos

custom logos

Custom Free Weight Equipment offers facility owners and managers a unique way to establish a competitive point of difference, as well as an outstanding way to brand their club. It's also an excellent recruiting tool for schools and sports teams, sending a clear message that strength training is an important part of the athletic program.

These advanced techniques ensure a high degree of customization and faithful reproduction. Text, logos, and even complex artwork can be duplicated in the engraving process, and multiple colors can be used to further enhance the look. Schools, pro team names, mascots, health club names and logos, and corporate logos can all be reproduced through this unique process.

custom logos

Club Sansome - San Francisco, California

club sansome club sansome
ckub sansome club sansome

Club Sansome, in San Francisco, CA, is one of the many clubs around the world that Ironcompany has worked with to add beautiful logos to their free weight equipment.

Club Sansome
350 Sansome Street
Downtown San Francisco, CA