Iron Kettlebells

Iron Kettlebell anatomy consists of a cast iron or steel handle and handle horns for gripping and a weighted body with a flat base to allow the kettlebell to stand upright. Handle finishes depend on the user’s preference but are usually smooth or have a matte finish. A smooth handle reduces the friction and provides better hand rotation, which is helpful when performing high rep sets. A matte finish will help to hold chalk for better grip and perspiration absorption. A thick handle will tend to put more emphasis on the grip while a thinner handle will place more of the bells weight in the body therefore creating a different velocity than the thicker handle. The body of the kettlebell is either totally round or will have a partially flat surface on either side. The finish and texture of the handle and body are usually consistent with one another but there are exceptions, such as a coated kettlebell. The base of the kettlebell is cast flat so the handle stands up straight and is easily accessed from the floor or a rack at all times. Some bases even include a rubber pad to help reduce impact and noise on floors and racks. The main advantage that kettlebells have over dumbbells is that they extend the center of mass beyond the handle facilitating ballasting and swinging movements.

Important characteristics for a CrossFit Kettlebell: This boils down to about five main details you’ll want to observe when buying kettlebells to be used for CrossFit workouts. Handle Texture, Handle Width, Handle Diameter, Construction and Finish Type.

Handles should be free of sharp burs or seams produced during the manufacturing process. Hampton kettlbell handles are machined and filed by hand creating a matte finish that is ideal for holding chalk. Ader kettlebells offer smooth handles with baked on hammertone paint with no ridges or edges that can otherwise tear up your hands. Handle size will usually graduate upward with bigger sizes to allow two handed exercises, such as swings. Handle diameter usually increases as the weight of the bell increases, with most ranging between 33-37mm.

Overall Kettlebell Construction should embody solid, one-piece construction using no welds, glue or other means of attaching the handle horns to the body. One-piece construction is safe to use and offers the best longevity.

Kettlebell Finishes are available in raw steel/cast iron, baked on enamel paint and powder coat. Raw steel or iron finishes are more susceptible to perspiration or humid environments than painted or powder coated but nevertheless is very popular among serious lifters. Baked on enamel gives the bell a glossy, smooth finish as does the powder coated. The advantages the powder coated finish has over the painted is it is more chip resistant and a bit smoother.

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