Iron Olympic Plates

Iron Olympic Weight Plates and Iron Olympic Weight Plate Sets and Package Deals - Iron Olympic Plates are the most affordable weight plate option on the market. This is because Olympic barbell plates made from iron lack any protective, impact resistant coating that is responsible for making these plates much more expensive. Weightlifting plates made of cast iron are most commonly finished in a gray or black enamel applied directly to the machined cast iron. Cast iron barbell plates can take on many shapes and forms. Some will have gripping holes or slots while others can have a flange, all of which are designed to assist the user when carrying or loading plates onto a bar or machine.

Standard Olympic Plates - Standard Olympic plates, or Standard Barbell plates, are a solid iron plate with a 2” center hole. These plates do not include grip holes or slots but are available in slim line or wide flanged. Slim line Olympic plates are thinner than other plates and often allow an additional one or two plates to be added to machines such as leg presses. You can also find them in 100 lb. sizes which are not offered in most brands of grip plates.

Olympic Grip Plates - Iron Grip made the grip plate a household name back in the 90’s and are now used in most gyms and clubs. Their two handle plates with 12-sides spawned a “grip plate race” throughout the fitness industry. These plates are not only esthetically appealing they are functional too. Grip holes or slots, no matter the number or pattern, make carrying plates from one machine or barbell to the next much easier and safer than solid iron plates. Other quality grip plates include York ISO-Grip, Hampton HOG Plates, Ivanko E-Z Lift with holes and slots and Body Solid Steel Grip.

Olympic Plate Package Deals - was the first online company to offer 255, 630 and 1,260 lb. plate packages starting back in 2003. 255 lbs. is what a typical 300 lb. Olympic barbell set includes so if you already have a bar you just need the plate package. The 630 and 1,260 lb. were made available for those who required more weight and wanted to save money on their plate purchase. Plate packages are available in Standard Olympic, Wide Flanged, Grip and Quad Grip.

Need help selecting Iron Olympic Weight Plates that best fit your location or fitness goal? Let an fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527.

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Body Solid OST Steel Grip Olympic Plates
Body-Solid Steel Grip Olympic Plate Packages -- Body-Solid (OST)
Your Price: $515.00
Body-Solid Steel Grip Olympic Plate Packages -- Body-Solid (OST)
Packages: 255-1,260 lbs.
Uses: Garage Gyms, School Weight Rooms and Commercial Gyms
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