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Iron Bull Strength fat grips, barbell pads and olympic fractional plates

Iron Bull Strength Alpha Grips Thick Bar Grips, Ergonomic Foam Squat Pads and Iron Olympic Fractional Plates - Iron Bull Strength is a manufacturer of weightlifting products engineered to increase muscular strength and size. These products include their foam Alpha Grips that adapt to dumbbell handles, weightlifting bars and cable attachments to achieve fat bar training for strengthening the grip and building the forearms. Their exclusive foam Advanced foam squat pad is ergonomically molded to alleviate pressure on the neck and spine. And cast iron Olympic fractional plates allow micro-loading for safer, more productive strength training with barbells.

Inherently for most of us, the weakest link in any heavy dumbbell or barbell lift will be our grip. Naturally the muscles in your hands and forearms are smaller and not as strong as the back, shoulders and chest. So when training these muscles, the grip often fails before the muscle you are actually trying to isolate. This “weak link” can be made to be much stronger through proper training. Performing exercises such as bicep curls, lat rows and shoulder shrugs with 2” and even 3” diameter Alpha Grips will recruit more muscle fibers and give your forearms an intense burn every time you use them. And like Arnold himself once said, “If it burns it grows”. It makes sense that if your grip strengthens the rest of your body benefits. So try a pair of Alpha Grip barbell grips by Iron Bull Strength today. It’s a small investment for such a big return.

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Iron Bull Strength Alpha Grips for Thick Bar Training
Alpha Grips Thick Bar Grips (Pair) -- Iron Bull Strength (ALPHA-GRIPS)
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Alpha Grips Thick Bar Grips (Pair) -- Iron Bull Strength (ALPHA-GRIPS)
Available in 2", 2.5", 3" Diameter
Different Colors by Size