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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow! IRON COMPANY has been manufacturing and reselling fitness equipment and gym flooring since 1997. We currently represent over 150 of the top fitness equipment and flooring brands across the United States. Between all of these brands there are always opportunities for us to secure exclusive deals including equipment on sale, overstock items, clearance items that are being phased out and even scratch and dent items that are perfectly functional but may have superfiicial blemishes. Our partners frequently have special deals that we are able to take advantage of that allows us to offer deeply discounted fitness equipment items to our customers that can’t be found anywhere else.

What type of fitness equipment does IRON COMPANY feature in the Fitness Equipment Outlet Store? IRON COMPANY offers fitness equipment from all the main categories including cardio equipment, gym flooring, free weight equipment, plyometrics and strength equipment. We even specialize in environmentally friendly and USA Made fitness equipment. Check back frequently to see what’s new from week to week. See something you like? What you see today may be gone tomorrow!

What are examples of overstock fitness equipment items? Overstocked fitness equipment items are items where there are just too many and need to be moved out fast. These items can run the gamut from gym flooring to free weight storage racks to large home gyms. Overstock items come into play for a variety of reasons such as incorrect sales forecasts, economic slowdowns, etc. Whatever the reason, overstock items allow our customers to secure deep discounts on brand new fitness equipment items.

What are examples of “scratch and dent” fitness equipment for sale? Many of our supply partners import their goods from a variety of countries all over the world. This equipment travels from the manufacturer on a truck to the port of origin in an overseas container, then thousands of miles across the ocean in a cargo ship and then from the destination port to the supplier. With all this shipping and handling there are bound to be a few items from each container that receives some rough handling. Usually, scratch and dent items consist of just that….a minor scratch here or a small dent there, all of which only affect the aesthetics of the equipment and not the functionality or safety or we won’t sell it!

Don’t see a fitness equipment outlet item that you want? Plase call an IRON COMPANY sales consultant for assistance at 1-888-758-7527 or email

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Hampton Blue Handle Urethane Dumbbells - Collector's Edition -- Hampton (GGUD-5-100)
List Price: $8,399.00
Your Price: $6,799.00
You Save: $1,600.00 (19 %)
Hampton Blue Handle Urethane Dumbbells - Collector's Edition -- Hampton (GGUD-5-100)
Limited Time Offer. While Supplies Last!
Dumbbell Rack NOT Included
BH Fitness SK8900TV Commercial Treadmill with Integrated TV
Commercial Treadmill with Integrated TV -- BH Fitness (SK8900TV)
Your Price: $8,699.00
Commercial Treadmill with Integrated TV -- BH Fitness (SK8900TV)
Limited Availability. While Supplies Last!
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