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Jammar Manufacturing Company is a manufacturer of quality USA Made manila climbing ropes and climbing cargo nets with all the accessories and anchoring solutions needed for proper installation. Jammar also manufactures manila power conditioning ropes and tug of war ropes that are great for group rope training and competitions.

Manila Climbing Ropes - Rope climbing is one of the most effective bodyweight training exercises you can perform for the upper body and works especially well in strengthening the grip, back and upper arms. The natural manila fiber is very comfortable on the hands and absorbs perspiration for a continuous sure grip. Our indoor climbing ropes come in an assortment of lengths that allow you to work with almost any anchoring height. Each rope includes a specially designed eye at one end that connects with ceiling anchor and a poly boot on the other end that gives the end of the rope a nice finish and prevents unravelling.

Polyester Cargo Nets - Cargo net climbing is a great overall bodyweight training activity for kids. They’ll have so much fun they won’t realize they are exercising. Our nets are fabricated from a rugged ¾” diameter polyester rope with 1/2” vertical lanyards for a better grip and maximum strength. Optional and custom sizes are available.

Manila Competition Ropes - These ropes are perfect for competitive rope sports such as Tug Of War that pit two teams against each other in a test of strength. 1.5” diameter “Grade A” manila rope provides a comfortable grip for pulling and each end is “whipped” to prevent unravelling.

Rope and Cargo Net Mounting Hardware - Choose from anchoring and mounting hardware that includes chain attachment slings with links used for attaching rope to beams or pipes and wood beam clamps with links that bolt to the sides and bottom of wood beams. Adjustable steel beam clamps are perfect for mounting ropes to I-beams.

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Anti-Friction Sleeve for Power Conditioning Ropes
Anti-Friction Sleeve for Power Conditioning Ropes -- Jammar (PCRAF)
Your Price: $25.00
Anti-Friction Sleeve for Power Conditioning Ropes -- Jammar (PCRAF)
1.5” or 2” Rope Sizing
Rope and Wall Anchor NOT Included
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