JD Max Fitness

JD Max Fitness

JD Max Fitness, LLC is offering a new patented, “why didn’t someone else think of this before” product named “Hookers” that aids in the ability of an individual to perform an Olympic squat with improved ergonomics and functionality.

“Hookers” are the first ever engineered barbell handles that, when applied to an Olympic barbell, allow an individual to hold and stabilize the barbell approximately six inches anteriorly (to the front), dramatically changing and improving the ergonomics of the motion.

Use these with any Olympic weightlifting or powerlifting bar. No power rack, half cage, or smith machine is complete without a set! In addition to effectively and easily improving the Olympic squat exercise, “Hookers” are great for barbell deadlift, shrug, upright row, bent over row, lunge, and pull up movements.

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