NEW! State-of-the-Art Dumbbells and Dumbbell Sets


We have some awesome new dumbbells by Hampton Fitness - a leader in innovative dumbbell technology. These dumbbells are cutting edge and represent both style and performance and will enhance any home gym or commercial facility. Hampton's new line of Urethane dumbbells just flat out rock. Take a look at the new Jelly Bells, a urethane dumbbell in bright, vibrant colors. Also check out the new Gel Grip dumbbell with the new urethane Gel-Grip handles. If you want cutting-edge then Hampton dumbbells and dumbbell sets are miles above the competition.

Jelly Bell Urethane Dumbbells

Just take one look at these new Jelly Bell Urethane Dumbbells and you are hooked. They are gorgeous and will outlast any vinyl or neoprene dumbbell. These dumbbells are bursting with color and will brighten up any fitness center or home gym. They are totally comfortable and feature the new ergonomic Gel Grip handle. Jelly Bells come in 2.5 lb. increments from 2.5 lb. to 15 lbs. are color-coded for easy identification. Click here to view more information on HamptonJelly Bells Urethane Dumbbells


Gel Grip Urethane Dumbbells


Hampton Gel Grip Urethane Steel Dumbbells - Smooth and sleek with a splash of color, these new Gel Grip Urethane dumbbells reflect the best that solid steel and urethane has to offer. With a new ergonomic Gel Grip handle, the comfort of these dumbbells will blow you away. You get the superior durability of urethane integrated with a sleek and stylish look. What more could you ask for? The Gel Grip urethane dumbbells come in 5-25 lb., 5-50 lb., 5-75 lb., 5-100 lb., 55-100 lb., 105-130 lb. sets in 5 lb. increments and have a 5-year limited warranty against breakage. Click here to view more information on Hampton Gel Grip Urethane Steel Dumbbells