Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution -- Stamina (05-3005/3010)

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Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution
Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution
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Available in 3 lb. & 5 lb. Set or 10 lb. & 15 lb. Set

Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution - Fitness personality and personal trainer Kathy Smith is best known worldwide for her popular series of workout videos from the late 1980s and 1990s. Since that time she has sold over 16 million workout videos and has developed not only exercise and nutrition programs but also complete lifestyle systems to manage body weight, body shape, and diabetes. Through the complete Kettlebell Solution that focusses not just on exercise instruction but also on proper nutrition, Kathy Smith invites you to lose stubborn fat and reshape so that you look and feel younger, defy aging, and reclaim vibrant energy!

What Kettlebells are best for women to use? The Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution is a full range-of-motion toning, stretching, strengthening, weight loss, wellness system for all fitness levels. Kettlebell training is an old school exercise that is now emerging into the mainstream. Many cite kettlebell training as the exercise that changed their bodies by sculpting, toning, and burning fat.

The Kathy Smith Kettlebells are light weight and sand filled with a soft outer shell that won't scratch floors. The handle and kettlebell shape mimic the traditional kettlebell design with a large, easy-to-grip non-slip handle and a stable, rounded base.


05-3005 - One 3 lb. and one 5 lb. Kettlebell

05-3010 - One 10 lb. and one 15 lb. Kettlebell

The Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution Includes:

  • Two Soft Kettlebells - 3 and 5 pounds (05-3005) OR 10 and 15 pounds (05-3010)
  • 4 Workouts on One DVD: Upper Body, Buns and Thighs, Core, and Fat Burning (75 minutes total time)
  • Kathy Smith Nutrition Solution
  • Kettlebell Solution Workout Wall Chart

Kettlebell Solution Workout DVD
The Kettlebell Solution workout is broken out into four 15 minute sessions: upper body, buns and thighs, core, and fat burning. So with your warm up, each workout takes just about 20 minutes of your day. That's 20 minutes to tone and shape buns and thigh, strengthen core, strengthen and tone upper body, and burn fat. On days when you really want to bump up the intensity, combine two, three or even all four sessions to burn more calories and to get your heart and lungs pumping. Your body will really start changing as you add intensity.

Kathy Smith's Nutrition Solution
To lose or maintain your weight and be healthy, it's important to eat the right foods. My Nutrition Solution is for those of you who are fed up with being overweight, having little energy, or frustrated by other programs that have failed you before.

Kettlebell Solution Workout Wall Chart
Pair the Kettlebell Solution Workout Wall Chart with your DVD workouts when you need a quick guide to all the kettlebell moves.

If you've never worked with kettlebells before, get ready! This is a workout unlike any workout you've ever done before. You're going to get strong, lean and flexible from your inner core out, with toned arms, legs, hips, buns, and thighs. You're going to feel centered, balanced, and confident. And you're going to have fun! So let's get started!

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Product Name: Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution -- Stamina (05-3005/3010)
Manufacturer: STAMINA
Manufacturer Part No: 05-3005/3010

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