Kettlebell Racks

Kettlebell Racks and Storage Solutions are designed to neatly store and organize multiple kettlebells and sets. Just like a dumbbell rack, a kettlebell rack provides easier access to the kettlebells so the user does not have to pick them up off the floor. Kettlebells of all kinds are compatible with these racks whether they are iron or are coated with rubber or urethane. Kettlebell storage rack sizes and configurations can vary. As an example, the KettleBlock stand holds just a single kettlebell whereas a Hampton 3-Tier option has three long trays that will hold an entire 5-100 lb. set. There are even Multi-Storage Racks by Legend Fitness that not only store kettlebells but slammer balls, bumper and technique plates, weight plates and a chalk bowl, as well.

What type of kettlebell rack should I consider? This depends on how many kettlebells you currently have or may want to have in the future. If you want to keep them all up and off the ground, make sure to purchase a rack that will accommodate all your bells and might even allow you room to grow as you get stronger. If you have many different types of equipment such as bumper plates, Olympic plates and medicine or slam balls, a good Multi Storage Rack might be the perfect space saving solution.

Need help deciding which Kettlebell Storage Rack is best for your location or equipment? Let an fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527

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