KETTLESTACKĀ® Technical Questions

How are the steel bands attached to the ABS grip?

They aren't attached; The support bands are a single piece of laser cut spring steel bent to track through the internal channel of the heavy duty ABS grip- You cannot pull them out. Immensely strong.

Did you say ABS handle, how strong can that be?

We use high impact ABS polymer (the same stuff used in football helmets) in the Kettlestack design. We specify 5/32" material with a highly redundant internal web design; The ABS is for your hand's benefit, the Kettlestack relies on spring steel for it's strength.

What about the bolts, won't they snap off?

The Kettlestack design uses 1/2" grade 8 or better bolts (with a shear capacity of over 15,000 lbs) to hold either of the wings and a large 4" hexnut of similar strength for the center core.

Will the bolts loosen accidently?

A subtle point; The two-band separation tapers- wider than the hexnut span at the root (near the handle) and narrower at the tip. The spring steel support band, in the manner of a good mortise and tenon joint, distribute the compression from the tightened bolts entirely across the band faces- regardless of the width of the central weight stack. We've never seen properly tightened bolts (at least 7 turns) work loose. However, we've deliberately loosened the bolts and the rattle and different feel immediately gets your attention.

Do the bands adjust to accomodate lighter/fewer weights without the weight plates sliding around?

Yes. Since the bands flex inside of the handles, they can flex to accomodate different core widths.

Why is there a washer welded to one end of that hexnut axle?

  • If there wasn't a captive washer, tightening the bolts could shift the positition of the hexnut. In the worst case (impossible with the washer) you'd lose track of the axle's true position and have a false notion of how many turns were applied to the bolts.
  • You can adjust or remove the weights on the washer side and the remaining weights in the central and opposite stack are still completely fixed.
  • By allowing one or two bolts Kettlestack adjustable kettlebell handles provide a wide range of stack widths. You get the shape and weight you want.
  • Safety and very quick weight adjustments.