KETTLESTACK® Warranty Information

KETTLESTACK ® Money Back Guarantee

While we reserve the right to change this policy at any time (respecting existing purchases), Kettlestack will now provide a money back guarantee to US domestic customers who agree to:

  • A $15 handling & restocking fee (shipping fees are nonrefundable)
  • A limited trial period of 10 days that the Kettlestack(s) must be returned in saleable condition at the customer's expense (with a preauthorized RMA #).

That's it. Buy a Kettlestack, start training, send in your testimonial and you'll never look at this particular web page again.


KETTLESTACK® warrantees the Kettlestack adjustable kettlebell handle for a period of ONE YEAR against material and manufacturing defects under the proper and intended use of the product. Proper use is defined as not dropping it from high heights and onto hard surfaces.

Weights are supposed to be dropped (once in a while) , what happens if I break the handle?

What would happen if you dropped a solid cast iron (sorta brittle) kettlebell on a concrete sidewalk ? Would the epoxy coating crack ? Would you have to pay for the cracked sidewalk ? Would you expect a replacement? Here at Kettlestack we've never seen a handle break in hard, proper use, but this shouldn't discount the real concern of our customers.

The problem is that we don't know if your Kettlestack will be dropped on carpet, grass, sand , mats or steel plating; Whether the handle will land dead square or with a glancing shot, from 2, 6, or 20 feet. Hence the only viable solution is for Kettlestack to meet you half way , actually more than half way. We'll replace the handle for US 20$ + shipping. However after the first replacement, we reserve the right to identify someone as a "terminal abuser" and decline subsequent replacements. This replacement includes new support blades and ABS plastic grip housing and requires the return of the original broken handle.