Commercial Treadmill Maintenance

Once a week or as needed:

1. Wipe down display with a mild solution of Non-Phosphate cleaner on damp soft cotton. Cloth should be damp, not wet. Once a week or as needed.

Wipe down handrails and traction strips with soft cotton cloth and mild soap and water. Cloth should be damp not wet. Once a week or as needed.

Vacuum or wipe down the deck area between treadbelt and frame. Once a week.

Once a Month:

Unplug treadmill. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Take off motor cover and vacuum inside the motor area, being very careful not to directly touch the static-sensitive electronics.

Slide clean towel under Treadbelt and wipe deck and under the belt. Rotate belt 180º and repeat.

SlipCote under Treadbelt.

Check Drive Belt Tension

Check Treadbelt Tension and Tracking

Every Six Months:

Check Motor Brushes for wear. Dress Commutator if needed.

SlipCote lubricant is designed to reduce friction between the treadbelt and deck. It is required for all institutional treadmills. Proper and timely application of SlipCote will prevent premature failures due to excessive wear and load. Items affected by inadequate lubrication are the treadbelt, deck, motor, and motor controller.

When to lubricate:
Landice L-Series institutional treadmills should be lubricated on a monthly basis.

How to lubricate:
Only use SlipCote by Landice. Most standard greases, waxes, and silicon sprays will build up on the deck and rollers and have an adverse effect on the longevity of the treadmill. Using a large syringe, such as a turkey baster, squirt 1/2 tube full of SlipCote underneath the center of the Treadbelt (1/2 Ounce). If you’re using our SlipCote packets, empty the entire contents of the packet underneath the center of the Treadbelt. Walk for 1 minute on the treadmill at a speed of 1.0 mph. This will moisten about an 8" track underneath the center of the entire Treadbelt.

Note: Do not get Slipcote on TOP of Treadbelt. This will make Treadbelt very slippery and treadmill dangerous to use. We recommend using rubbing alcohol applied to a sponge to remove any Slipcote on the Treadbelt.

Cleaning Treadbelt Walking Surface:
Treadbelts can become dirty and unsightly when users track dirt onto them. If vacuuming doesn’t remove dirt, we recommend the use of a medium stiff nylon bristle brush to remove dirt trapped in treadbelt surface. A damp (not wet!) sponge can be used to finish the cleaning process.