Lifting Straps and Wraps

USA Made Lifting Straps, Lifting Hooks and Wraps are weight lifting tools that can be integrated into a workout where additional grip or joint support is required. While lifting straps and lifting hooks assist the grip in hoisting heavier dumbbells and barbells, wrist wraps and knee wraps help support the joints and keep them aligned during the movement of these heavy sets.

Who should use weight lifting straps and hooks? Although nobody should become totally dependent on such products as the goal of lifting weights is to improve grip strength and forearm size, straps and hooks can allow the user to hold more weight during a lift that might not otherwise be possible without them. Straps and hooks help to reduce hand and forearm fatigue making it possible to force out a few more reps, which is where the real growth takes place! To add even more benefit and holding power to weight training with lifting straps, use some lifting chalk.

Who should use wrist wraps, elbow sleeves or knee wraps? Wraps and sleeves have different uses for different people. Wrist wraps and knee wraps can be used to give extra support to joints that are sore or recovering from an injury. Weight lifters that use heavy weights in lifts like the bench press and squat like to use wraps to support their joints and keep them aligned which helps prevent injury. An elbow sleeve is made from a flexible neoprene that keeps the elbow joint warm and loosened up and can help relieve pain during exercise or everyday activities.

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Schiek Neoprene Wrist Supports with Velcro Closures for Weightlifting
Weightlifting Wrist Supports (Pair) -- Schiek (1100WS)
Your Price: $31.99
Weightlifting Wrist Supports (Pair) -- Schiek (1100WS)
Available in Black or Pink
Schiek USA Made Elastic Wrist Wraps for Wrist Support
Elastic Weight Training Wrist Wraps (Pair) -- Schiek (1112-1124)
Your Price: $32.99
Elastic Weight Training Wrist Wraps (Pair) -- Schiek (1112-1124)
Sizes: 12" or 24" Long
Colors: White, Black, or Pink
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