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LPG Muscle Custom Cable Attachments, Weightlifting Hooks and Dipping Belts - LPG Muscle is a manufacturer of USA Made cable attachments, dip belts and weightlifting hooks and straps. Each product is designed and built with passion to empower the user to lift more, pull more and to add serious size and strength. LPG Muscle’s proprietary weightlifting products all come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Hog Legs Fat Cable Attachments - One look at the 1 ¾” diameter of these Hog Legs attachments and you’ll understand how they got their name. Each bar has a noticeably thick, beefy appearance and is available in many shapes and styles allowing the user to concentrate on strengthening and building the different muscles in the upper body.

Haulin Hooks Weightlifting Hooks - Removes the weakest link from your training, which is usually your grip. Haulin Hooks allow the user to train the targeted muscle to complete failure using dumbbells or barbells without the worry of the grip giving out first. This is especially important for mass building exercises such as shrugs and rows. And load up as much weight as you want. These babies are tested to 650 lbs. each!

E-Z Dip Dumbbell Dipping Belt - The world’s only dipping belt designed specifically to improve the ease of weight changes through the use of dumbbells instead of weight plates. These quick weight changes are beneficial when training with a partner or for doing drop sets.

Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller - Available in three different models, the Home, Gym and Commercial Unit all provide old school wrist rolling exercises that have been building massive forearms for years. The ability to hang each roller at the perfect height is an added plus and takes the stress off the shoulders allowing the user to focus only on building the forearms.

Shrug Pro Shrugging Handles - Remove the headache of un-racking and re-racking heavy dumbbells when it’s time to shrug. The Shrug Pro includes a pair of adjustable height, free standing handles that allows the user to load multiple Olympic plates to each side for unparalleled shoulder shrugs.

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LPG Muscle Hog Legs Extra Wide 60
Hog Legs 1 ¾” FAT 60” Lat Bar -- LPG Muscle (HL-60LT)
Your Price: $117.00
Hog Legs 1 ¾” FAT 60” Lat Bar -- LPG Muscle (HL-60LT)
Cable Clip NOT Included
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