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Fill those hands with Hog Legs Triceps / Bicep / Lat cable machine bars for ham-sized Lat’s, Tri’s and Bi’s! It’s a well known fact that a fatter grip makes the big weights rip. And one workout with these FAT bars means you won’t be wasting any more time on skinny, wimpy arm bars. Hog Legs come in (6) custom configurations – like the Ham Hock straight bar, Ham Bone and Pork Chop tricep bars, Sub Primal combo bar, and 2 sizes of lat pulldown bars – all designed by LPGmuscle to maximize muscle targeting and minimize joint stress. That’s right, we’re talking serious Lift more, Pull more, Grow more power! Attach any of these to your favorite jungle gym, selectorized lat pulldown machine, cable crossover, functional trainer, or home multi-gym and experience serious lifting like every bodybuilder, powerlifter, weightlifter, and athlete craves!

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Hog Legs 1 ¾” FAT 48” Lat Bar
Hog Legs 1 ¾” FAT 60” Lat Bar -- LPG Muscle (LAT-BAR-60)
Your Price: $95.00
Hog Legs 1 ¾” FAT 60” Lat Bar -- LPG Muscle (LAT-BAR-60)
Cable Clip NOT Included
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