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Olympic Bars, Olympic Barbells and Weightlifting Bars For Barbell Training - Olympic bars and barbells are considered to be the “gold standard” of building muscle and dramatically increasing strength throughout the entire human body. Nowadays, the types of weight lifting bars customers can choose from is vast. An EZ-curl bar with its “W” shape helps alleviate torque on the wrists when training the biceps while the neutral grip of an Olympic tricep bar will isolate the heads of the triceps while performing tricep extensions and close grip presses. Short Olympic bars are great for arm training and work well in smaller workout areas. We even have 6’ Olympic bars that are compatible with squat racks and Olympic bench presses if you don’t have the room for a full size 7’ Olympic bar. Olympic training bars, or “technique” bars, are machined from solid aluminum so as to greatly lighten the actual weight of the bar and allow a lighter pulling and pressing weight when practicing proper Olympic weightlifting techniques. Heavy-duty Olympic bars are constructed from high tensile strength steel and include different knurling patterns, various degrees of bar whip, bushing and bearing types and even plating options depending on your weightlifting goals and budget. No matter your preference, you’ll always have the best Olympic bar selection and pricig right here at

What Type Of Weight Lifting Bar Is Best For Me? - Depending on the user, the kind of bar that is selected can depend on many things. Budget, fitness goals, other equipment you may already own, space, etc. Chances are if you are purchasing a weight bar for home use you will want to look at our “Regular Bar” selection. They accept the smaller weight plates with the 1” center hole and are compatible with most home gym equipment such as bench presses and preacher curl benches. For the home gym lifter that has his sights set on packing on the muscle, we recommend an Olympic bar as it will be compatible with squat racks, Olympic bench presses and can be used for mass building Olympic style lifts. Naturally the Olympic straight bars, curl bars and triceps bars work well in any commercial club or CrossFit box. So take a minute to browse through our wide selection of bars to find the one best suited for your needs.

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