Olympic Weight Lifting Bars

The largest online selection of Olympic bars is at If you’re trying to increase strength and gain muscle mass, nothing beats the effectiveness of a proper weight lifting program. For many years barbells have been known as the gold standard in packing on mounds of muscle. There’s not one single piece of weight lifting equipment that produces more results or provides more training versatility than an Olympic bar and plates. That being said, now it is time to choose the perfect bar for you. For most, selecting their weight lifting bar is determined by two factors. Price and/or fitness goal. For the price conscious, you’ll find basic economy bars and light commercial options that are great for any garage gym or private training studio. For those who have specific training goals in mind, such as building huge triceps and biceps or setting the next world record in the squat, there are many options here such as curl bars, triceps bars, lightweight aluminum technique bars, hex bars, cambered bars, women’s powerlifting bars, fat bars, American made stainless steel bars and competition training bars.

When selecting a bar please remember that Olympic Bars are not compatible with 1" Regular plates.

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