Olympic Bars

A great selection of Olympic Bars, Olympic Weight Bars, Olympic Curl Bars, Olympic Cambered Bars, Powerlifting Bars, Olympic Tricep Bars, Solid Steel Bars, Chrome Bars by Ivanko, Iron Grip Hampton and many more!

Looking to incorporate barbell exercises into your workout routine? Then you need to get an Olympic bar and some Olympic weight plates. We feature all the top brands when it comes to Olympic Weight Bars. We carry Ironcompany Olympic bars, Ivanko Olympic Bars, Hampton Olympic Bars, GP Olympic Bars, Iron Grip Olympic Bars, IGX Olympic Bars, CAP Olympic Bars Olympic Bars, in 4' - 7' lengths in Black oxide, Chrome, Aluminum and Solid steel. Match up one of these great bars with one of our Olympic Plate Package Deals and you are on your way to performing awesome barbell exercise routines.

When selecting a bar please remember that Olympic Bars are not compatible with 1" Regular plates.

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