Bars For Barbell Training - What is your fitness goal? Are you looking to tone, strengthen, increase circulation, burn fat, increase bone density, increase your energy levels or pack on lean muscle mass? Training with a barbell can yield any of these results for anybody depending on the training routine you utilize and the consistency in which it is performed. Barbells have been around since the 19th century and have continued to gain in popularity still to this day. There is a very good reason for that too. They work! And it takes lots of hard work. There’s no quick fix here and no 30 second magic barbell workout that will having you sporting the physique of a Greek God anytime soon. So if you’re ready to change your body, let’s get after it.

What Type Of Weight Lifting Bar Is Best For Me? - Depending on the user, the kind of bar that is selected can depend on many things. Budget, fitness goals, other equipment you may already own, space, etc. Chances are if you are purchasing a weight bar for home use you will want to look at our “Regular Bar” selection. They accept the smaller weight plates with the 1” center hole and are compatible with most home gym equipment such as bench presses and preacher curl benches. For the home gym lifter that has his sights set on packing on the muscle, we recommend an Olympic bar as it will be compatible with squat racks, Olympic bench presses and can be used for mass building Olympic style lifts. Naturally the Olympic straight bars, curl bars and triceps bars work well in any commercial club or CrossFit box. So take a minute to browse through our wide selection of bars to find the one best suited for your needs. And as always, an Ironcompany® sales rep is always available if you have questions.

When selecting a bar please remember that Olympic Bars are not compatible with 1" Regular plates.

Olympic Bars
Olympic Bars - We carry Ironcompany Olympic bars, Ivanko Olympic Bars, Hampton Olympic Bars, Cemco Olympic Bars, Iron Grip Olympic Bars, IGX Olympic Bars, CAP Olympic Bars Olympic Bars, in 4' - 7' lengths in Black oxide, Chrome, Aluminum and Solid steel.
Regular Weightlifting Bars
Regular Weightlifting Bars - Some of the bars we offer are curl bars, tricep bars, threaded weightlifting bars, and straight bars from 5 up to 7 in length. These bars work great in any home and incorporate nicely with most home gym equipment.
Specialty Bars
Specialty Bars - When you need more than just a straight bar! Here you will find a bunch of not so easy to find Olympic bars and regular bars such as threaded tricep bars, Olympic tricep bars, Tri-Trap bars, Cambered Olympic bars, Ultra-Light Aluminum bar