Opposing Grip Eco-Friendly Medicine Balls -- Aeromat EcoWise (857)

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Dual Grip Medicine Ball
Dual Grip Medicine Ball
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Sizes: 6-18 lbs.
Uses: Schools, Home Gyms and Studios

Opposing Grip Eco-Friendly Medicine Balls by Aeromat – Get a great core workout while being kind to our environment with the EcoWise Opposing Grip Medicine Balls. These weighted exercise balls with two handles offer all the performance without adding Latex and Phthalates which is ideal for those that are sensitive to these and other potentially irritating chemicals. Medicine balls with dual grips offer training advantages that weighted fitness balls without handles don’t. The opposing handles give you a firm grip, especially when performing rotational exercises, such as twisters, and will prevent the ball from flying out of your hands. You’ll also be able to hold each ball with only one hand when needed for rows, planks and other one handed medicine ball exercises. Unless you’re a pro basketball player, fitness balls without handles are simply too big in diameter to hold in one hand.

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Singles Include:

  • AEROMAT-ECO-85761 – 6 lbs. Black/Sunflower Yellow
  • AEROMAT-ECO-85762 - 8 lbs. Black/Tangerine Orange
  • AEROMAT-ECO-85763 - 10 lbs. Black/Kiwi Green
  • AEROMAT-ECO-85764 - 12 lbs. Black/Aloe Green
  • AEROMAT-ECO-85765 - 15 lbs. Black/Blue Dahlia
  • AEROMAT-ECO-85766 – 18 lbs. Black/Iris Purple

Set Includes:

  • ECOWISE-DGMB-SET (1 each) – 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18 lbs.


  • Includes patented opposing Sure-Grip rubber grip handles that offer more freedom and comfort during exercises
  • Patented Neuwa™ material; Latex and Phthalates free
  • Ball Diameter: 9” for all sizes
  • Dual grips provide versatility for more function and core training for double and single hand use
  • Great for abdominal, strength and rotational movement training for individuals or groups
  • Weather resistant, non-slip gripping surface
  • Well-balanced; maintains round shape
  • Light starter weights ideal for kids and beginner medicine ball users
  • Two-tone colors make ball weight identification easy
  • Large weight indicator
  • Easy to clean
  • Not designed for bouncing or slamming exercises


  • Schools
  • Home gyms
  • Garage gyms
  • Outdoor boot camps and physical education classes
  • Personal training studios
  • Performance training centers
  • Rehabilitation
  • Hotel fitness rooms

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Item Number: 857 ProdID_4379
Product Name: Opposing Grip Eco-Friendly Medicine Balls -- Aeromat EcoWise (857)
Manufacturer: AEROMAT
Manufacturer Part No: 857

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