Patriot Synthetic Grass™

Patriot Synthetic Grass and artificial turf

Patriot Synthetic Grass™ and Artificial Turf - Patriot is a manufacturer of USA Made specially engineered grass and turf surfaces including traditional glue-down turfs and the increasingly popular synthetic in-fill systems.® offers its Patriot Synthetic Grass products and installation for residential, commercial and government purchase. We can also be found on the GSA Advantage under contract # GS-07F-0104M and in the state of California CMAS contract 4-12-78-0066A.

Patriot DURAPlay Indoor Synthetic Turf - Our Heavy-duty DURAPlay performance turf is available in two different weights and heights. Either choice makes an excellent indoor turf suitable for performance training, sports of all kinds and Cross-Training workouts such as sled workouts and tire flipping. Our DURAPlay products are easy to install and do not require infill to be used.

Patriot EnvyLawn Outdoor Synthetic Turf - Specially designed for residential and commercial lawns, EnvyLawn beautifies any landscape area with never ending green and an always weed-free area that requires no watering or harsh chemicals that leach through soil or find their ways to drainage systems that can pollute our environment. Featuring a layer of thatch and a tall pile, it looks more realistic than most outdoor artificial grass options and requires less infill product to be used. Perfect for backyards, playgrounds, parks, putting greens and more.

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