Pegboard Climbers

USA Made Wall-Mounted Peg Board Climbers - Wall-Mounted pegboards are now a popular CrossFit training tool but have been a fun and effective bodyweight training tool in high school gyms for decades. Peg board training builds sustained strength as well as hand-eye coordination. They require no free weights as the trainee is able to utilize their own bodyweight for resistance. For those that have mastered wood peg board training, a weighted vest can provide additional challenge for continued strength and muscle gains.

Purchasing a Peg Board - Because they are wall-mounted and don’t use valuable floor space, buying a peg board is ideal for CrossFit boxes, garage gyms and school weight rooms. Our quality made peg boards are crafted from kiln-dried maple hardwoods that won’t crack or warp. Once dried, holes are drilled that will accept the 1 1/8” diameter wooden pegs. Each wooden pegboard is then triple varnished to protect from moisture and prevent splintering. Pegboards are typically mounted to a sturdy wall made of brick or block that can properly support the combined weight of the board and user. Many shapes and sizes are available to choose from including rectangular and square.

Peg Board Training - Muscles worked during a peg board workout starts with the hands. Since the users entire bodyweight is being supported by the grip, the forearm workout can be intense and will undoubtedly increase grip strength and forearm size if used consistently, which is also beneficial for weight training. Besides the forearms, muscles directly worked by the peg board are biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and lats.

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