Plyometric / Speed / Sled Training

Plyometric and Speed Training Equipment is a must for any athlete and can be highly beneficial to those that want to take their fitness to the next level. In this section of our website we have compiled various categories of training tools that will help you enhance your plyometric and speed performance.

What is Plyometric Training? Plyometric training is also known as jump training. This form of training involves maximum force in short intervals of time for increased speed and power. Using a plyometric box, or plyo box, focuses on learning to move from muscle extension to muscle contraction in an explosive and quick manner. Power is technically defined as “the rate at which work is performed” or “the product of force multiplied by velocity”. For athletes, jump training on a plyo box can help greatly improve their vertical jump and explosive power thus improving their performance on court and field. For the fitness minded, plyo boxes can effectively tone and strengthen the entire lower body including the glutes!

What is Speed Training? Speed training involves improving both speed strength and speed conditioning. An example of speed strength would be the powerful burst a runner exhibits when starting off from the starting blocks at the beginning of a race. Speed conditioning is the ability to maintain running speed for seven seconds or more. Both types of training can be beneficial to any athlete and can be enhanced through tools such as a push and pull sled, power chutes and hurdles.

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Agility Cones and Hurdles for Home, School and Performance Facilities.
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Agility Ladders for Home, School and Performance Facilities.
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Plyo Boxes from 6” up to 50” high with Steel or Wooden Frames as well as Soft Impact Foam.
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