Plyo Boxes

Plyometric Boxes are usually constructed from steel or wooden frames that have a flat platform on the top that can be covered with such non-slip, shock absorbent materials as rolled rubber flooring or rubber gym mats. Steel framed plyo boxes are available in many heights starting from about 6” high all the way up to 42” high and can be stacked on top of each other to save space when stored. Wooden plyo boxes are made from ¾” plywood and come in a traditional plyo box shape or a 3-in-1 Plyo Box Cube which allows the user to utilize three different plyo platform heights just by rotating the cube from side to side. Did you know that some coaches and athletes prefer wooden plyo boxes over steel frames because a flat wood surface eliminates any tripping hazard that can sometimes be caused by steel frames during a jump?

How can plyo boxes improve performance? Jump Training, or “Plyometric Training” is a form of training that involves maximum force in short intervals of time for increased speed and power. Using a plyometric box focuses on learning to move from muscle extension to muscle contraction in an explosive and quick manner. For athletes, plyometric training on a plyo box can help greatly improve their vertical jump and explosive power thus improving their performance in their sport. For those just looking to improve their level of fitness, plyo boxes can effectively tone and strengthen the entire lower body including the glutes!

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