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Weight Plates NOT Included

Valor Fitness ES-SLED Agility Training Sled with Harness - Power Sled - Acceleration Sled - Strength Sled - What are the benefits of sled training? Power Sleds help to improve acceleration and power in the hips and thighs with weight resisted sprints. They also increase functional strength and agility by adding resistance to your runs. Towing a weighted sled while sprinting overloads your drive muscles and forces your nervous system to recruit greater “work” which in turn, improves your ground force production and corresponding explosive acceleration and speed. With repeated use of a power sled and working against resistance, an athlete’s nervous system (which controls muscle function) can “learn” to fire harder all the time with each step repetition during sprints, and not just after using a weighted sled. As a result, athletes who combine sled training with traditional sprint training have been proven to have quicker 10 meter and 30 meter sprint times for short burst acceleration.

To progressively increase your strength levels, simply increase the tow weight by adding Olympic weight plates to the center weight post. The Valor Fitness ES-Sled is the most effective way to round out your athletic field training. The heavy-duty design makes sled great short burst training with included harness, or use the handles for push training or backwards drag workouts. Because crossfit is all about constantly varied movements, crossfit enthusiasts will push and pull a sled around for time or distance to mix up their muscle programming, increase muscular endurance, and add fun to their workout of the day (WOD).


  • Develops work capacity and athleticism without negatively impacting strength and muscle gains
  • Non-eccentric (negative) movement, only concentric movement
  • Forward drags are excellent for speed development
  • Backward drags work for building quadriceps
  • Sled chest press, sled row, sled wood-chop, pull-throughs, bear crawls, and sled lunges are also excellent exercises to increase performance
  • Excellent for individual training


  • Color: Red
  • Powder coated welded steel
  • 2” diameter plate loading tube designed to fit Olympic plates
  • Handles on back of sled for push drills
  • Eyelets on front of sled for pull drills
  • Shoulder harness attaches to tether leads which attach to each side of sled
  • Weight plates sold separately


  • Dimensions: 39” L x 19” W x 7” H
  • Weight: 29 lbs. (unloaded)

Looking to make a bulk purchase of agility training equipment for your athletic program? Contact an fitness equipment specialist today at 1-888-758-7527 or email

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Item Number: ES-SLED ProdID_19753
Product Name: Agility Training Sled with Harness -- Valor Fitness (ES-SLED)
Price: $119.99
Available from:
Manufacturer: VALOR FITNESS
Manufacturer Part No: ES-SLED

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