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Prism Fitness Group Self-Guided Foam Rollers, Stability Balls, Medicine Balls and Plyo Cubes - Prism Fitness is a manufacturer of unique, self-guiding and educating fitness tools, portable bootcamps, agility and mobility training equipment, resistance and plyometric training tools, functional strength equipment, cardio and speed training items as well as rehab and recovery tools and storage and racking systems to hold it all.

Self-Guided Fitness - Without proper education any fitness tool is only a toy. The Smart family of Self-Guided gym supplies includes exercise mats, foam rollers, medicine balls, stability balls and plyo boxes that each have a variety of core exercises imprinted on them that guide the user through proper exercises. This self-guided concept is great of people wanting to use their exercise tools in their home or at a club when personal trainers might not be available.

Portable Bootcamp Kits - Now you have the freedom to take your bootcamp with you. These configurable bootcamp kits include options such as agility ladders, fitness cables and jump ropes, hurdles, handles, flat bands and sandbags. The Smart Cart systems make it easy to pack it all up and roll it where you want it.

Agility Training - Improve your agility and balance with your choice of Smart Agility Ladders, double ladders, acceleration ladders and 15’ indoor ladders constructed from rubber to keep sliding to a minimum.

Mobility Training - Encourage improved mobility through training in all three planes of motion with Smart Hurdles that are available in various heights.

Resistance Training - Resistance bands provide a wide range of resistance levels that is beneficial for training the entire body and the choices and styles are never ending these days. Choose from flat bands, strength bands and bands with handles and ankle cuffs.

Plyometric Training - Strengthen the lower body and greatly improve that vertical jump for any sport with a set of variable height plyo boxes and Plyo Cubes. Plyo box choices include foam, classic steel frame and Smart that feature eight exercises printed on the front to follow.

Functional Strength Training - Functional strength equipment is meant to aid in the development of strength and balance involved in everyday tasks such as getting out of a chair or picking up groceries from the trunk of a car. Try both the Smart medicine balls and stability balls by Prism to help increase functional and core strength.

Storage and Racking Systems - Keep your Smart products organized and mobile with a Smart Cart designed specifically for hurdles, exercise balls and bands.

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SMART Hurdles - 12
SMART Hurdles - 12" - Set of 6 -- Prism Fitness Group (400-120-230)
Your Price: $126.00
SMART Hurdles - 12" - Set of 6 -- Prism Fitness Group (400-120-230)
Includes 12” Hurdles ONLY
Other Sizes NOT Included
Prism Fitness SMART In-Home Boot Camp Package
Self-Guided SMART In-Home Boot Camp Package -- Prism Fitness Group (400-150-204)
Your Price: $299.00
Self-Guided SMART In-Home Boot Camp Package -- Prism Fitness Group (400-150-204)
Box as shown is for shipping only
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