Pro-Style Dumbbells

Pro-Style Dumbbells and Pro-Style Dumbbell Sets - The Pro-Style dumbbell, or “fixed weight dumbbell”, is a commercial qualty dumbbell that is constructed using various size cast iron plates, a chrome handle and a heavy-grade Allen bolt and end cap to hold it all together. For many years Pro-Style dumbbell sets have been a staple muscle building tool in commercial gyms all over the world. The design by nature is resistant to breakage and unsafe malfunctions allowing them to go all the way up to 200 lbs. each if needed.

Hampton Pro-Style Dumbbells - Most Pro-Style dumbbells are held together by a 5/8” Allen bolt that is tightened with a small Allen wrench. Hampton Pro-Styles feature a heavy-duty hex head bolt instead allowing a socket wrench to be used if dumbbells ever loosen. And for that reason, Hampton also offers and exclusive Dura-Lock end cap system that utilizes a spring washer that keeps constant tension on the hex bolt to help prevent it from loosening. Hampton offers three styles of Pro-Style handles. Classic straight SDH handles are knurled from shoulder to shoulder for a sure grip when performing heavy dumbbell exercises such as shrugs. 35mm deluxe ergonomic steel handles are beefy and shaped to better fit the palm of the hand. Urethane Snug-Grip handles also support the hands natural curve with a non-slip, durable urethane that some find to be more comfortable than steel handles.

Ivanko Pro-Style Dumbbells - When it comes to Pro-Style dumbbells, Ivanko wrote the book on proper design and assembly techniques. The way in which a Pro-Style dumbbell is assembled is crucial to its performance and longevity in a commercial gym. The Ivanko fastening system incorporates PermaLock which employs a proprietary machining tolerance and surface preparation to achieve a metal to metal bond that requires 400 foot pounds of torque to twist apart. Ivanko offers many different Pro-style models that utilize this fastening system including Economy which include non-machined plates and black or gray painted end caps. Ivanko RM/EPC dumbbells offer fully machined plates and chrome end caps. And for added floor protection and a quieter weight room, the RUB/EPR features rubber encased plates and end caps.

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Ivanko CP/EPR Chrome Fixed Weight Dumbbells
Commercial Chrome Fixed Weight Dumbbells w/Rubber End Caps -- Ivanko (CP/EPR)
Your Price: $3,539.00
Commercial Chrome Fixed Weight Dumbbells w/Rubber End Caps -- Ivanko (CP/EPR)
Sizes: 5-100 lbs.
Uses: Commercial Gyms
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