ProUnit Performance Trainer

Prounit Performance Trainer

ProUnit Performance Trainer - Gary Miller is the inventor and creator of the patented ProUnit Performance Trainer®, bringing over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry providing real world training to personal training clients focusing on injury prevention, rehabilitation, total body strength training and sports performance enhancement. Gary has matched that experience with an educational background in Exercise Science and credentials from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). All this brought about the revolutionary 5-in-1 portable dynamic fitness tool – the ProUnit Performance Trainer®. It was invented by Gary in 2008 and was originally hand built in his garage. Today the ProUnit is the most convenient, most durable, total body fitness tool and fitness system available and will be sold to tens of thousands worldwide for personal fitness strength and cardio conditioning as well as group fitness training. The ProUnit has taken foam rolling, core training, pushup training, total body strength and cardio fitness to a whole new level of performance and sophistication. The ProUnit Performance Trainer is positively influencing one of the latest fitness trends in North America!