RAGE® Pink Ribbon Edition Slam Balls For Women -- RAGE Fitness (CF-SB/P)

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6 lb. RAGE Slam Ball
6 lb. RAGE Slam Ball
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Sizes: 6-10 lbs.
Uses: Garage Gyms and Fitness Studios
Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer!

Rage Fitness

RAGE Fitness Pink Ribbon products are made to inspire women and men to lead healthy lifestyles and join in the fight against Breast Cancer. A portion of every Pink Ribbon purchase will be donated by RAGE Fitness to fund cancer research.

RAGE® Fitness Supply Slam Balls - Non-Bounce Medicine Balls – Shopping for a pink Slammer Ball for women? The ball slam is a medicine ball drill for developing power, speed, strength, and coordination. The exercise involves holding a weighted ball overhead, and then throwing it down into the ground with as much power and force as possible. It is important that a non-bounce medicine ball (or slam ball as most people call it) is used for the exercise. A proper dead bounce slam ball is made from rubber and will slightly deform when impacted, thus eliminating the return bounce which can endanger the exerciser (i.e. broken nose!), as well as other people and equipment in the vicinity. Ball slamming primarily engages the core muscles such as the abdominals and back.

The RAGE Slammer Ball continues to be one of the most durable slam balls on the market. Encased in a tough rubber shell that is made for high-endurance impact and rough handling. This slammer ball will add a whole new dimension, and increased intensity to your workout routine. Its textured surface makes it easy to grip even when wet. No more slippage from sweaty hands! Each slam ball comes equipped with an air-valve making it possible to adjust the air capacity and overall firmness. Forget about chasing this ball between exercises - its non bounce design makes it ideal for various throwing and slamming routines. Strengthen your core, improve your conditioning, and increase your explosive power with one piece of equipment. RAGE Pink Ribbon slam balls are available in 6, 8, and 10 pound increments.

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Singles Include:

  • CF-SB306/P (1) RAGE Fitness Slam Ball - 6 lbs.
  • CF-SB308/P (1) RAGE Fitness Slam Ball - 8 lbs.
  • CF-SB310/P (1) RAGE Fitness Slam Ball -10 lbs.

Set Includes:

  • CF-SB-PINK-SET (1 each) RAGE Fitness Slam Balls – 6, 8, 10 lbs


  • Color: Pink
  • Ball Diameters: 6 and 8 lbs. = 6” Diameter Shell
  • Ball Diameters: 10 lbs. = 9” Diameter Shell
  • No-bounce design
  • High quality durable rubber shell
  • Textured surface makes it easy to grip, even when wet
  • Air valve adjusts air capacity and overall firmness of ball
  • Ideal for home and garage gym use


  • Home gyms
  • Garage gyms
  • Fitness studios

How to Perform Ball Slams:
Step 1: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and a non-bounce medicine ball held overhead.
Step 2: In an unobstructed area free from other equipment and people, throw the ball down to the ground in front of your feet with as much force as possible. Exhale during the movement and contract the abs powerfully.
Step 3: Keep the ab muscles engaged and pick the ball from the floor.
Step 4: Lift the medicine ball back to the starting position and repeat.
Step 5: Increase the weight of the ball used as you become stronger and more proficient with the movement.

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Item Number: CF-SB/P ProdID_21069
Product Name: RAGE® Pink Ribbon Edition Slam Balls For Women -- RAGE Fitness (CF-SB/P)
Manufacturer: RAGEFITNESS
Manufacturer Part No: CF-SB/P

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