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Ultimate RB Rubber gym flooring, rolled rubber and interlocking rubber flooring

Ultimate RB Rubber Rolled Rubber Gym Flooring, Deadlifting Mats and Interlocking Rubber Tiles - Ultimate RB Rubber is a manufacturer of USA made rubber gym flooring products and installation supplies. Since 1985, Ultimate RB Rubber has been diverting used car, truck and tractor tires from landfills and turning them into post-consumer products that help keep the environment clean while providing useful products back to the consumer. They are in fact the only manufacturer in the world that produces their own crumb rubber and urethane binder used to produce their own products.

Rolled Rubber Flooring - Rolled rubber flooring is a very versatile product that has many applications. Rubber rolls are typically used in gyms but more and more these days can be found in dog daycare facilities, horse trailers and even on boat decks. Rolled gym flooring is often one of the more affordable flooring options and offers the least amount of seams for a nice clean appearance. Choose from solid black or different color options.

Rubber Gym Mats - Protect your floors from heavy dumbbell and barbell drops with rubber gym mats. These mats are available in 4’ x 6’ and 4’ x 8’ sizes. Thicknesses range from 3/8” to ¾”. A 3/8” thick mat is great for moderate weight drop while ¾” thick mats are appropriate for Olympic weightlifting platforms and under power cages and squat racks. Just like some of our other gym flooring options, our rubber mats come in solid black or colored options. Save money on your flooring purchase and be sure to check out our package deals.

Exercise Equipment Mats - Our Exercise Equipment Mats are sized to fit treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes and steppers. Made from half plastic and half rubber, these “TirePlast” mats are non-porous and will not allow fluids such as sweat or oil and debris from the machines to seep through and damage floors. They are also more durable than an all rubber mat which means most the time they’ll never need replacing.

Interlocking Rubber Flooring - Our interlocking flooring tiles come in a variety of shapes, thicknesses and colors. Iron Lock interlocking gym tiles are 28.5" x 28.5" x 3/8" and come in solid black or your choice of 17% or 34% color content. Either choice offers tight interlocking tabs that when put together have seams that are almost undetectable. 3/8” Iron Lock tiles are great for moderate weight drop in the home or club. For a more resilient flooring option that can handle much heavier weight drops from barbells and dumbbells, check out our Mega-Lock or Fleck-Lock rubber puzzle tiles. Either option offers solid black or different color fleck options with a ½” or ¾” thickness availability. These tiles measure 29” x 29” and come in corners and edges that have straight cut edges to help make installation easier against walls and other objects.

Bounce Back Safety Flooring - Bounce Back Safety Flooring is commonly used underneath playground equipment at schools and playgrounds that poses a risk for small children to fall out of and get injured. These playground tiles are available in different thicknesses which dictate their actual fall height protection capability. As an example, a 1.75” thick tile provides fall height protection at 3’ where a 4” thick tile provides protection for falls at 9-10’.

Ballistic Tiles - Ballistic Tiles are 2” x 2” solid rubber tiles that are typically used for ricochet and noise protection in shooting ranges and other tactical locations.

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