Rubber Rolls

Rolled Rubber Flooring for Homes, Clubs and Doggy Daycare Facilities.

Rubber Rolls are often the rubber flooring choice for many residential and commercial gyms for different reasons. Rubber flooring rolls can be one of the most affordable rubber flooring solutions when compared to rubber flooring tiles and other similar rubber flooring products. Because our rubber flooring rolls come in 4 foot widths, rubber rolls offer the least amount of seams and makes for a very clean looking rubber flooring installation. Depending on the thickness of your rubber roll selection, adhesive in the form of adhesive tape or trowel on rubber flooring adhesive can be recommended.® is your one-stop-shop for rolled rubber flooring. Our rubber flooring rolls are available in many rubber roll thicknesses and rolled rubber lengths. Rubber roll thicknesses can be determined by your location and type of equipment you are using. An Ironcompany sales team member can help educate you on all your rolled rubber flooring specs to make sure your money is well spent and your equipment is sufficiently protected. And last but not least is rubber roll flooring colors. Black rubber rolls are often the most cost efficient gym flooring choices. Different colored rubber rolls with colored flecks, such as blue, gray or red, can brighten up your space and also help camouflage dust and dirt. All our rubber rolls are made in the USA from recycled tires.

Do you own a doggy daycare facility or are thinking about opening one? Our rolled rubber flooring is the go to doggy daycare flooring solution. Our doggy daycare rubber rolls provide the least amount of seams out of any other rubber flooring option and they are one of the most affordable doggy daycare flooring choices you can find. The most common rolled rubber sizes used in doggy daycare facilities are ¼” thick and 4’ wide with readily available lengths of 25’, 50’ and 75’. Custom rolled rubber lengths are also available upon request. Rolled rubber flooring for doggy daycare facilities is available in a few different color options. The most affordable rolled rubber option is what we refer to as “Natural” which includes a variety of small color flecks throughout the rubber. These small flecks not only make for a cheaper manufacturing process but they also help camouflage dust, dirt and debris. Black rubber rolls would be the next most common doggy daycare flooring choice and then next is colored rolls which are a bit more expensive but offers 17% color flecks throughout the rubber rolls such as blue, red, blue/gray, green, gray and mocha. Rolled rubber flooring used in a doggy daycare will require the right adhesives, sealants and cleaning supplies. has everything you need right here in one place.

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