Rubber Rolls

Rolled Rubber is a protective flooring product that has unmatched versatility when compared to other rubber flooring options. It’s not only used for weight drop protection in gyms, it can also be used in doggy daycare centers, batting cages, horse stalls, wall coverings and works well in providing sound abatement for indoor applications. One of the most important things to note is its cost. Rolled rubber flooring is often one of the most affordable options when compared to interlocking tiles, rubber mats, rubber tiles that require adhesive, etc. Since rubber flooring rolls are purchased in 4’ wide by 25’ or 50’ lengths, the amount of seams that appear when your flooring is installed is far less than that of other options therefore giving you a cleaner looking installation.

1/4” Thick Black and Colored Rolled Rubber - ¼” thick rubber flooring rolls are fantastic for home and studio use where weight drop is kept to a minimum. This thickness choice is also ideal for doggy daycare centers but will be required to be adhered to the floor with either trowel on adhesive or adhesive tape. You’ll also want to seal the seams together to prevent liquid from seeping into the sub-floor. Because of its light weight, it can be adhered to walls of gyms to protect against weight plate damage. Use as a recycled rubber acoustical underlayment which is widely recognized for its sound deadening ability.

5/16” Thick Black and Colored Rubber Gym Rolls - The 5/16” roll option is often a great way to save money over the 3/8” thick rolls. Which just 1/16” thickness difference, you get almost the same flooring protection as the 3/8” for less money.

3/8” Thick Black and Colored Rolled Gym Flooring - This is the flooring thickness you will want to use for commercial gym applications that is used to cover the majority of your area such as under weight stack machines and free weight areas. In heavy weight drop areas used for Olympic style lifting, we recommend also putting heavy rubber mats on top of your rubber rolls for added protection to your sub-floor and equipment.

1/2” Thick Black and Colored Rubber Rolls For Gyms - ½” offers the ultimate in floor and equipment protection when it comes to rolls. Great for heavy use in free weight areas.

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