Plate Package Deals

Dumbbell and Barbell Plate Packages Deals for Regular Barbell Handles and Barbell Bars with 1” Diameter Sleeves - Dumbbell handles for the home and gym come in many shapes and sizes. Most standard dumbbell handles come with a 1” sleeve and use different dumbbell collars depending on the design of the dumbbell handle. If the dumbbell sleeve is threaded then it will accept a star lock collar to lock the weights on tight. Adjustable dumbbell handles with a smooth, round sleeve can use Lock-Jaw collars and pressure ring collars. Pro-style dumbbells that are commonly used in commercial gyms use a chrome washer and Allen bolt to keep them locked tight. Regular barbell bars with a 1” sleeve use all the same types of collars that the adjustable dumbbell handles do. And just like regular dumbbell handles, the regular barbell bars come in many shapes and sizes. But however different these dumbbell handles and barbell bars may look, they all have one thing in common. They all use dumbbell and barbell weight plates, sometimes referred to as “pancake plates”, with a 1” diameter center hole. The most common dumbbell weight plates and barbell weight plates with a 1” center hole can most commonly be found made out of cast iron with a gray or black baked on enamel paint and are the most affordable dumbbell and barbell plates you will find. If you want to protect your floors and other equipment when using your dumbbells and barbells, consider plates that have a rubber coating. Whatever dumbbell or barbell plates you are looking for you’re certain to find what you need at

Olympic Barbell Plate Packages for Olympic Barbells with 2” Diameter Sleeves - Olympic barbell bars, just like their little brothers the 1” bar, also come in many different shapes and sizes. The Olympic barbell bar is used in competitive weightlifting competitions and is the most common style of bar to be found in commercial gyms and Crossfit boxes. Olympic barbell plate package choices are far more numerous than the 1” plate packages. Bumper plate packages are one of the most popular plates choices these days and are available in solid rubber, rubber encased with iron core, solid urethane and recycled crumb rubber. Olympic grip plate sets feature multiple gripping holes that make carrying these plates across the gym much safer and easier than standard Olympic plates. Olympic barbell grip plates are available painted in black or gray, coated in rubber or urethane and are available in sets that include an Olympic bar or by themselves in bulk package deals. Standard Olympic plates and packages are the most affordable Olympic plates. Standard Olympic plates are available in a slim line or wide flange design. Many people prefer slim line plates to allow more plates to fit on exercise machines such as the leg press. A wide flange plate is easier to carry because the lip of the plate is wider and has more surface area to grab than the slimmer Olympic plates. Like the other styles of Olympic plates, Standard Olympic plates feature different paint options and coatings. Technique Plate packages by Hitechplates are a one piece plate made from recycled milk bottles. These technique plates are Made In The USA and are unbreakable.® offers many Olympic barbell plates on GSA contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS contract 4-12-78-0066A

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Bumper Plates
Bumper Plate Packages - Many types of bumper plates available such as Hampton bumper plates, solid rubber bumper plates and Ivanko bumper plates. Bumper plates are great for protecting your floors and equipment.
Olympic Grip Plates
Grip Plate Packages - Olympic grip plate packages can vary greatly in price and style. We offer such options as cast iron grip plates, rubber Olympic grip plates, urethane grip plates, barbell sets with grip plates and many other Olympic weight plates.
Olympic Plates
Olympic Plate Packages - Olympic plates are an essential part of any gym. Here at Ironcompany you will find economy Olympic plates, grip plates, rubber Olympic plates, urethane encased Olympic plates, powerlifting plates and calibrated competition plates.
Regular Plates
Barbell Plates and Dumbbell Plates - These plates primarily have a 1" center hole and fit on regular bars having a 1" diameter. Here you will find gray cast iron plates, black cast iron plates, rubber coated barbell plates and chrome dumbbell plates.
Technique Plates
Technique Plate Packages - Hitechplates are changing the future in lightweight training plates. With Hitechplates, you can train from the floor with a more manageable weight that allows you to focus on your technique.