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Indoor Rowing Machines - The indoor rower is a non-impact total body cardio trainer. Its rowing motion incorporates all four limbs and the core for maximum calorie incineration superior to that of other types of cardio machines. Rowing machine exercise and program popularity has exploded in recent years and are now widely used in CrossFit training, commercial gyms and at home. Ironcompany offers a wide variety of rowing machines for the home as well as heavy-duty rowers built for commercial and military use.

Home and Light Commercial Rowing Machines - Residential rowers are ideal for the home gym enthusiast and work well in a spare bedroom, garage or just about anywhere. One added advantage of a rowing machine compared to other cardio machine choices is that they fold for easy and compact storage. These models offer affordable choices with tons of features similar to commercial models such as adjustable footrests and multiple programs and resistance levels. Ironcompany offers residential rowers by Stamina, Spirit Fitness, LifeCore, CAP Barbell and BodyCraft.

Rowers For Commercial Use - Commercial rowing machines like the Concept 2 are virtually bomb proof and one of the most sought after rowers for serious CrossFit competitors. Water Rowers are crafted in Vermont from beautiful solid ash with your choice of light or dark finishes. You’ll feel like you’re actually out on the water with their proprietary Water Fly Wheel design. And the Spirit Fitness CRW800 commercial rower offers low maintenance with its air and magnetic resistance system. Ironcompany offers commercial quality rowers by Concept 2, LifeCore, Water Rower, Spirit Fitness, BH Fitness and BodyCraft.

Safeware protection plans for indoor rowing machines
Safeware Protection Plans offer up to 5-years peace of mind on your next cardio equipment purchase. Ask your Ironcompany cardio equipment specialist for more info today!

Need help selecting the best indoor rower that addresses your fitness goals and stays within your budget? Let an cardio equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527.

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M1 HiRise Aluminum Rowing Machine by Water Rower
M1 HiRise Rowing Machine -- Water Rower (510-S4)
Your Price: $1,915.00
M1 HiRise Rowing Machine -- Water Rower (510-S4)
styled with the commercial fitness market in mind
S1 400-S4 Stainless Steel Rowing Machine by Water Rower
S1 "Stainless Steel" Rowing Machine -- Water Rower (400-S4)
Your Price: $2,620.00
S1 "Stainless Steel" Rowing Machine -- Water Rower (400-S4)
Brushed Stainless Steel
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