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Rubber Flooring Adhesive, Sealer and Cleaner - Adhesives, sealers and cleaners are all essential for proper installation and care of your rubber gym flooring. Not all rubber flooring requires sealant or adhesive, but if you are purchasing products that do, such as rolled rubber or interlocking flooring tiles that are made from recycled rubber, then it is important to know which products will best address your requirements.

Rubber Gym Flooring Adhesive - Polyurethane rubber flooring adhesive, such as MasterWeld 941 (aka Chemrex CX-941), is a trowel on permanent flooring adhesive used to adhere rolled rubber flooring to concrete or wood sub-floors. For a less permanent bond, Pressure Sensitive Seaming Tape, or “Carpet Tape”, works well and is more Do It Yourself friendly. It also allows the flooring to be pulled up at a later date so it can be moved to another location if necessary. Sikaflex Seam Sealant is used for sealing together the edges of long rolls of rolled rubber. This creates a barrier that prevents liquids from mops or pets from seeping down onto the sub-floor.

Rubber Flooring Sealant - Gym flooring sealant is used to seal the “nooks and crannies” in recycled flooring caused by the crumb rubber. Vulcanized flooring and virgin rubber tile products have a smoother, non-porous surface and do not need sealant. But using a sealant on recycled flooring can make for easier mopping and cleaning, especially in dog daycare facilities. A neutral PH flooring cleaner can also be used every few months to keep your flooring area smelling fresh.

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CX-971 GripStrip Pressure Sensitive Seaming Tape for Rubber Flooring
Double Sided Rubber Flooring Adhesive Tape Rolls -- Ironcompany (TAPE)
Your Price: $55.00
Double Sided Rubber Flooring Adhesive Tape Rolls -- Ironcompany (TAPE)
For Rubber and Carpet
Single Roll or Case Options
Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Based Adhesive for Carpet Tile Installation
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive -- Ironcompany (premier-adhesive-4)
Your Price: $175.00
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive -- Ironcompany (premier-adhesive-4)
4 Gallon Pail covers 600 sq. ft.