Rubber Flooring Mats

Ironcompany.comĀ® carries a large selection of rubber flooring mats and rubber gym equipment mats for gym flooring protection as well as gym equipment protection. Rubber gym equipment mats are an important investment for any residential or commercial gym. Rubber flooring mats can be used as weight stack machine rubber mats, squat rack rubber mats, Olympic lifting platform mats, dumbbell area rubber mats and barbell rubber mats. Our rubber equipment mats for gyms are made in the USA from recycled rubber and can be cut to custom sizes with a rubber flooring knife. Black rubber mats and colored rubber gym mats are available in many different rubber mat thicknesses. The heavier the weights being dropped on your rubber flooring the thicker it should be. Call an Ironcompany.comĀ® flooring specialist today for recommendations on your next rubber mat purchase.