Sandbag Training with a Sandbag is a great way to amplify your training results with an alternative resistance training option. Multiple gripping handles develop and increase gripping power which is beneficial for martial arts, sports and first responders. Sandbags have long been viewed as the most challenging in “odd object” training. Because a sandbag is filled with sand that shifts up and down and side to side during the execution of the exercise, they provide a much more unstable load that that of dumbbells or barbells. This inherent instability makes them great for functional training combining both strength and endurance advantages. They’re also malleable and will mold to the shape of your body during carrying and sprints. Most users prefer to start with a light Ultimate Sandbag weighing as little as 5 lbs. and eventually work up to heavier sandbags which can weigh as much as 40 lbs. Start light and work your way up slowly to avoid unnecessary injury.

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Power Sandbag Elite Training Package
Power Elite Sandbag Training Package -- Ultimate Sandbag (USAND-POWER)
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Power Elite Sandbag Training Package -- Ultimate Sandbag (USAND-POWER)
Available in Black or Pink
Sand Not Included