USA Made Physician Scales, Health Care Scales, Wheelchair Scales and Bariatric Scales by Detecto have been brought together here at in one easy to browse section for those who prefer to buy American Made. The Detecto brand is manufactured by Cardinal Scale out of Webb City, MO that began making quality weight scales back in 1950. Since then they have established themselves as an ISO-9001 certified scale manufacturer and a single source for all types of weighing products and systems.

What type of weight scale should you buy? This all depends on budget and what options you need from a bodyweight scale. If you are an individual on a budget that just wants an accurate scale for their home or office, we have many affordable eye-level mechanical beam physician scales to choose from. For those that use a wheelchair, you may find a Detecto portable wheelchair scale in your doctor’s office on your next visit. Doctors have trusted the Detecto name to accurately weigh their patients for many years. We also have stand on and seated bariatric physician scales to choose from.

Need help with selecting the right Detecto Weighing Scale for your home, office or gym? Let an fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527

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