Selectorized Equipment

Selectorized Weight Machines use weight stacks to provide resistance to muscles being targeted by the user. Depending on the muscle being worked, these weight stacks usually range from 150 lbs. to as heavy as 400 lbs. in 10-20 lb. increments and are adjusted via a magnetic selector pin. The selectorized weight stacks are driven by either a cable or belt drive system that provide a smooth and precise movement. The steel tubing used to construct the frames of these weight stack machines are oval, rectangular or square in shape and are coated with an electrostatically charged powder coating that is baked on in an oven to provide a durable finish. Thick marine grade naugahydes are used to cover dense padding on seats, benches and arm pads.

What advantages does selectorized equipment have over free weights? Selectorized machines are often used as an alternative to free weight equipment such as dumbbells and barbells. They isolate muscles in the upper and lower body and provide resistance in a fixed plane of motion. This controlled and predictable movement can be beneficial for beginners that are learning to exercise and gauge the strength of their own bodies. Because of this controlled movement and the ability to target specific muscles, weight stack machines are a safe form of rehabilitation. Make no mistake, these machines can also be very effective in building muscle and strength too.

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Kids Circuit
Kids Circuit -- Legend Fitness (969)
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Kids Circuit -- Legend Fitness (969)
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