Slastix Cheetah - The Cat -- Stroops (CAT)

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Stroops Slastix Cheetah Resistance Trainer
Stroops Slastix Cheetah Resistance TrainerStroops Slastix Cheetah Resistance Bands and BeltStroops Slastix Cheetah Resistance Speed Trainer
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Stroops Slastix Cheetah – The Cat - The Cat is a specialized tool for developing faster lateral movements. One of Stroops’ most ingenious innovations, The Cat allows athletes to increase both strength and spatial awareness while competing in the actual sport they are training for, or during any type of training drill. Consisting of a belt with rings attached to two Slastix™ bands, which can be anchored to another person or stationary object, The Cat provides added resistance—from one or two directions—during real-world training. Attached to two anchored resistance bands, the athlete works against resistance in 360 degrees. This piece of equipment allows the athlete to go forward, backward, and side to side. By connecting the elastics end to end, the Cat can double as an overspeed training device.


  • (1) Belt (CATBELT)
  • (2) 8-foot Slastix®
  • (2) Anchors

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Product Name: Slastix Cheetah - The Cat -- Stroops (CAT)
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