Slastix Hip/Thigh Blaster - Knee Strike -- Stroops (MA-BLASTER)

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Slastix Hip/Thigh Blaster - Knee Strike – In fighting, dominating an opponent requires the ability to exert explosive power at close range. The Knee Strike was designed to develop a fighter’s ability to deliver explosive close-combat strikes and takedowns, as well as increase takedown defense by providing resistance against the lower-body muscle groups to develop explosive power and control during close combat. The Slastix Blaster is perfect for athletes with poor flexors and also for upper body dominant runners. The Knee Strike also helps maintain the knees under the hips which aids in the prevention of hip, knee & ankle injuries.


  • (2) Thigh Straps
  • (2) Slastix®
  • (1) Anchor

How It Works:
Attach the two Slastix® to an anchor (stationary object or another person). Fasten each thigh strap just above the knee. Attach the two Slastix to each thigh strap. As the fighter or athlete elevates the knee, the resistance forces the the hip flexors, quadriceps and abdominals to engage and contract, which increases the swiftness and force of his or her movements at close range. With the Knee Strike’s Slastix attached to a fixed object, fighters can strike a heavy bag. Or, with the Slastix attached to a training partner, the fighter has the freedom to stalk, grapple, or practice knee strikes, front kicks, heel kicks, and other close-combat attacks. Athletes can train in place by anchoring the Slastix to a fixed object, or they can train in motion (on a field or court) by attaching the Slastix to a training partner who creates resistance as they jog behind the athlete as he or she performs footwork such as the grapevine weave.


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Item Number: MA-BLASTER ProdID_18542
Product Name: Slastix Hip/Thigh Blaster - Knee Strike -- Stroops (MA-BLASTER)
Manufacturer: STROOPS
Manufacturer Part No: MA-BLASTER

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