Iron Fixed Barbell Sets

Iron Fixed Weight Barbell Sets include Pro-Style barbells, similar to Pro-Style dumbbells, and Solid Steel barbells. Pro-Style barbells are constructed using gray or black weight plates and a solid steel bar that is straight or curled; all of which is then fastened together via a washer or an end cap and 5/8” Allen bolt. A solid steel fixed barbell is similar to a solid steel dumbbell and consists of different size and weight steel slugs that are press fit together with a straight or EZ-curl bar and then welded on the inside at each shoulder.

Hampton Pro-Style Fixed Barbell Sets - Hampton barbells feature a twice-baked gray enamel finish and your choice of straight or EZ-curl bars with hardened chrome finish. Optional Dura-Lock system was designed to reduce loosening of the barbells. Barbell set choices include 20-110 lbs. and 25-115 lbs. with heavy sets of 125-145 lbs. and 120-150 lbs. Each set of 10 barbells fits on one commercial barbell rack.

Ivanko Economy Barbell Sets - The “economy” in the Ivanko Pro-Style sets means that the black and gray plates are not machined smooth like other sets. Instead, you have a sand casted plate with a matte finish. These sets by Ivanko are accurate within +/- 2% and include the same bolt lock assembly as the other Ivanko barbell and Pro-Style dumbbell sets. Ductile iron end caps are durable and offer a professional look to your facility.

Iron Grip Solid Steel Barbell Sets - Solid Steel barbell sets are the ultimate in maintenance free barbells for your club. Welding the slug and bar together eliminates the need for bolts or other means of assembly and therefore will not loosen when dropped. Iron Grip barbell sets are available in 20-110 lb. straight and curled options.

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Hampton Pro-Style Barbell Sets
Hampton Fitness Commercial Pro-Style Barbell Sets -- Hampton (FB-G)
Your Price: $1,035.00
Hampton Fitness Commercial Pro-Style Barbell Sets -- Hampton (FB-G)
Sizes: 20-150 lbs.
Uses: Commercial Gyms
USA Made Iron Grip Solid Steel Barbell Sets with Hard Chrome Bars
Iron Grip American Made Solid Steel Barbells -- Iron Grip (SBB)
Your Price: $4,055.00
Iron Grip American Made Solid Steel Barbells -- Iron Grip (SBB)
Sizes: 20-110 lbs.
Uses: Commercial Gyms and Military Installations